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How to… write a shot-list September 24, 2007

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Useful sites:


How to… write a treatment

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Are you after some pointers for writing a treatment?

Here’s a few hints…

What is a treatment?

In short, a treatment is a condensed synopsis of your production which includes an outline of your plot, charcters, location, sounds and shots. It should be catchy, interesting, written in the present-tense. It should sell your idea.

Useful sites:


How to… contribute to unsweetened TV

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So, you’re interested in contributing to unsweetend TV?

Here’s what you need to get started:

  1. Read the unsweetened TV manifesto
  2. Write your own creative writing piece or get your hands on a copy of unsweetened (available from ARC and UNSW bookshop)
  3. Get all the parties involved (writers, creative types, talent) to sign a Copyright work release form or Performance release form.
  4. Write a treatment and shot list and start making your production!
  5. Export your file for the web (.swf, .mov etc).
  6. Review, edit and pilot it with a test group.
  7. Then… when you’re happy with your final production, upload it to the UNSW Student WebTV channel (details still to come!)
  8. Make sure you send the link to all of your friends, blog it, utube it… just get everyone to watch it!

It’s that simple! So start producing today!


Welcome to unsweetened TV September 19, 2007

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Are you a UNSW student with a penchant for video production? Then this site is for you!!!

Search the archives for information about contributing to unsweetened TV and make sure you read the unsweetened TV manifesto!

So, start producing today!