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Winter Is October 28, 2007

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Here’s a simple video we made using only windows movie maker to show that you don’t need to be an aspiring directer or even know how to use complicated video editing software, all you need is your computer and it’s default video editing software, and away you go!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Read the full text…

More…Winter Is.

By Chris Long

Tomatoes that taste like frost

And crumble in your mouth like snowballs

The metallic kiss of morning coffee

The gasping husk of a dying fire

Winter is smoke up a chimney
Winter is cold feet and sweaty hands

Starchy clothes on unwashed skin

A hug that splinters apart

Like a glass bottle in the freezer

A bed that swallows you in the evening

And spits you into the world each day

Every morning the cruel echo of birth

When you were plunged into the scalding cold

Winter is what waits outside the womb
Winter is tiles that snap at your heels with icy teeth

A tap that coughs cold water on your numb hands

The lukewarm bath that traps you with

Chains made of cold air and a towel just out of reach

The gaping mouth of an open window

That breathes the cold in like a lonely spirit

Winter is woven from shivers and gooseflesh
Winter is fueled on the warmth of

Two hands rubbed together

A cauldron of soup

The specter of summer

And the radiation of a million TV sets

(Winter is…)

About the Author

Chris Long  is in the first year of a seven-year Arts/Medicine degree. While usually more of a prose storyteller, Chris has taken to poetry since medical studies swallowed his time. Chris likes music, travel, the beach, the town, the sun and summer. This poem is a little ode to everything we know and love about winter.

About the Producer

Find out more about Michelle Rowan

About the Producer


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