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Corridor October 30, 2007

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Corridor was written by Crystal Gail Koo for unsweetened 2007, and was awarded 1st Place, Postgraduate Poetry.
Photography and editing by Elizabeth Adams

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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By Crystal Gail Koo

there is something in the confines of corridors

that fails to forget the vastness of experience

and in every corner every crack of light is a

detail containing the trace of sights smells

sounds of things long left behind in the moment

between loved and lost like a flower in a vase

so frail that hands cannot hold without breaking

that minds cannot hold without changing but

only a corridor can cup it in its silent palms and

only when everyone has abandoned the moment

the time when the days had gone so freely will

it open its hands and let it disappear into the

bluest sky

About the Author

Crystal Gail Koo graduated from UNSW and left Sydney with a Masters in Creative Writing at the end of Session One, 2007. She has been published in the Philippines and in Sydney’s Philippine Community Herald. Crystal is currently working on a research proposal for futher studies and a screenplay for Sydney’s Philippine Community Council. This poem was written for her friends in 4D, New College, in memory of the madness that has transpired within those hallowed walls.

About the Producer/Director

Find out more about Elizabeth Adams.


One Response to “Corridor”

  1. […] film clip (yes, with my permission) for her thesis as part of unsweetened TV. You can find the clip here. I really enjoyed her interpretation because it’s so different from what I had in mind when I […]

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