unsweetened TV

the way TV should be.

About September 19, 2007

Are you a UNSW student with a penchant for video production? Then this site is for you!!!

Search the archives for information about contributing to unsweetened TV and make sure you read the unsweetened TV manifesto!

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unsweetened TV couples innovative visuals with creative writing and poetry featured in UNSW’s literary journal (unsweetened), published annually by ARC in conjunction with the UNSW Bookshop. These video clips are produced for distribution via UNSW’s student webTV channel.

Description of project

unsweetened TV is a collection of short clips inspired by content from the unsweetened literary journal. Unlimited in the scope of audio-visual possibilities, each clip will offer creative appropriations of chosen texts in a variety of realistic, representational or abstract styles, using a mixture of video compositing, animation and soundtrack as appropriate.

Aims & objectives

By creating contemporary audio-visual works that not only engage unsweetened TV viewers, this project aims to inspire students to create their own content based on unsweetened texts. The long-term objective is to establish a framework for future student productions, not only to showcase high quality work from film, media and music students, but also to offer creative writers an alternative medium for their ideas to be realised on screen and viewed by a wider audience.


unsweetened TV is aimed at a young, media-savvy audience who enjoy cross-media creations, with a particular interest in video art and visual literature. While the majority of viewers are initially expected to be students, the global nature of webTV ensures that the audience will, in fact, be much broader.


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